Seller: Stacy
State: Alabama
City: Jacksonville
Zip code: 32226
Type: Animals

Down sizing my kennel and re-homing this beautiful Black with chocolate tint coloring 6 year old male CKC Shih Tzu. DOB May 30, . He is a great breeder if you have a female who is looking for a mate. He makes the most beautiful puppies and he know how to breed. Of course he would be just as happy being fixed and becomin someones special little man. So Elbony says I am looking for a family to love me!
He will make a great companion for any one.
I just finished selling his last litter they were sold out before they ever turned 8 weeks old they were so beautiful. He is the short legged Shih Tzu and to date so have everyone of his puppies.If you know you just want him as a family pet you will need to get him fixed. Either way he is an excellent baby boy to love and add to your family. Let me tell you a little about Shih tzu. They are known for being hypo allergenic and non-shedding dogs. The best quality about a Shih Tzu is the loyalty and how cuddly they are. This little guy is 13 pounds which is small for a Shih Tzu since most males average 22 pounds. I also have some female ShihTzu available tooif your interested in him a companion. Asking 200, he comes to you with lots of love has CKC papers, Yearly shots and is up for rabies shot this month. Call or text only interested parties. We have a photo album ready for you to view. Call 561-361-